Moonphase catcher- Cosmic XL

Moonphase catcher- Cosmic XL

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Moonphase catcher Features:

  • Large 30cm *40cm 
  • crystal cluster mix
  • Sun Charm , butterfly charm, rhinestones 
    • 8 glass aura pendants 

    Overall piece length: 45-50 cm from top to bottom glass ball 

     This is a made to order item, some elements might differ from the original picture such as charms or pendants the overall piece will be as similar as the picture and the elements will be the same idea maybe just different style.

    Color Guide:

      • Blue: Cleansing
      • Purple: enlightenment
      • Pink: Loving
      • Gold: Wisdom   


    Available for shipping within 6-8 business days, Please look for a confirmation via text message or email after placing the order (spam email as well), stay tuned for the tracking information (check our policies for more information). 📦

    This sun catchers are real crystals and ethically sourced. Your packaging protects perfectly the fragile piece, we are committed to been a sustainable business that’s why you may find reused packaging on your order.
    The crystals are natural and electroplated, differences in size or colour are expected. they may present some slight imperfections, including marks, chips and pits which in my opinion adds to the character of the crystal.

    This is an item for decoration purposes only it contains glass ornaments and should be treated carefully. if an item is "discounted" it means that they are crystals that have been marked down since they have a noticeable imperfection ( scratch or Chip )
    Thank you so much for choosing to support a small artist ❤️